veraPDF CLI Metadata Fixing

veraPDF (Greenfield version only) can optionally fix issues related to document metadata provided that there are no other PDF/A or PDF/UA issues detected. This includes:

  • adding document-level XMP metadata if it is missing
  • adding PDF/A or PDF/UA identification to the already existing XMP metadata, if there are no other PDF/A (or PDF/UA) issues detected and the document will become PDF/A (or PDF/UA) compliant after this fix
  • removing PDF/A or PDF/UA identification from the XMP metadata if it is present, but the document does not conform to the declared PDF/A (or PDF/UA) flavour
  • synchronizing metadata properties between document Info dictionary and the XMP metadata (only for PDF/A-1)

The following CLI arguments control the behavior of the Metadata fixer:

  • --fixmetadata enables Metadata fixing functionality
  • --prefix sets file name prefix for any fixed files
  • --savefolder sets output directory for any fixed files