Installing veraPDF

Downloading the Installer

There are currently two versions of veraPDF:

  • the veraPDF Greenfield implementation built around a bespoke PDF parser and PDF/A and PDF/UA validation models developed by the veraPDF team; and
  • a version that uses Apache PDFBox as a PDF parser and to implement the PDF/A validation model.

It’s possible to download the latest release and development builds for each version. The release versions are stable and you should use these unless you’re sure you want the development build and stability / reliability isn’t important to you. The development builds aren’t guaranteed to be stable and may contain unfinished features. You should use these if you’re testing a bug fix or new feature.

This gives four possible downloads:

Download Greenfield Implementation Apache PDFBox Implementation
Release Installer The latest stable veraPDF zip package. The latest stable PDF Box zip package.
  GPG signature. GPG signature.
Development Installer Development veraPDF zip package. Development PDFBox zip
  GPG signature. GPG signature.

Verifying the installer download

If you want to verify your download for security and integrity then first download the GPG signature file into the same directory as the installer zip. You’ll need a copy of our GPG key, you can get it from our downloads site or from a keyserver: gpg --keyserver --recv 1C124847. Once the key is imported you can use it to verify the zip archive with the signature, e.g. gpg --verify

What’s in the installer?

All versions of the installer are provided as a zip file that contains:

  • the Java installer and application as a single jar file, verapdf-izpack-installer-<version>.jar;
  • a Windows batch file that runs the installer, vera-install.bat;
  • a bash script that executes the installer on Linux or Mac OS machines,

The installer jar file includes the application binary files and supplementary resources, including:

  • Validation Model description;
  • test PDF Documents; and
  • the veraPDF Validation Profiles.

Using the veraPDF installer

The installer simply unpacks components from the installer package to the local computer. It consists of the five steps:

1: About veraPDF

The first tells you which version of the software you’re installing:

veraPDF Installer folder selection screen

2: Choose installation location

At step two you can specify the installation folder:

veraPDF Installer folder selection screen

3: Select components

Screen three allows you to select the components to be installed:

veraPDF Installer pack selection screen

4: Installation

The fourth stage installs the selected components to the chosen location:

veraPDF Installer pack selection screen

5: Generate installation script

It is possible to generate an installation script that can be used to repeat the installation on another computer:

veraPDF Installer script screen

What’s installed where?

Following installation test PDF Documents can be found in the ‘corpus’ subfolder below the application installation folder, the Validation Model description is located in the ‘model’ subfolder, while the Validation Profiles are located in the ‘profiles’ subfolder.

The implementation of the veraPDF Command line application, Desktop GUI and other software components are located in ‘bin’ subfolder.