veraPDF CLI Quick Start Guide

The veraPDF command line interface is the best way of processing batches of PDF/A files. It’s designed for integrating with scripted workflows, or for shell invocation from programs.

We assume you’ve already downloaded and installed the software, if not please read the installation guide first.

Using the terminal

We’ve provided a quick primer on setting up and using the terminal on our supported platforms here.

Getting help

You can get the software to output its built in CLI usage message by typing verapdf.bat -h or verapdf --help, an online version is available here.

Configuring veraPDF

veraPDF is controlled by a set of configuration files, you can read a brief overview here.


The following examples all make use of the veraPDF test corpus. This is available on GitHub. It is also installed with the veraPDF software if you enable it at step 3. The test corpus will be installed in a sub-directory called corpus. The examples assume your terminal session is running in the installation directory with a suitable alias set up to avoid typing path-to-verapdf/verapdf. On a Mac or Linux box this can be set up by typing export verapdf='export verapdf='path-to-verapdf/verapdf' at the command line.